Beyond Tolerance

Beyond Tolerance

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For the global community to survive the current century, the adherents of the diverse religions of the world must move beyond conflict or mere tolerance and toward the realization of their essential unity. Dr. Allen McKiel offers compelling evidence of this unity through an exploration of recurring themes found in the sacred scriptures of the world's religions.

What separates Dr. McKiel from other authors who encourage interfaith understanding is that he takes the bold step of describing differing religions as progressive chapters in a single, unified religion. The latest chapter in this continuing revelation, he asserts, is found in the teachings of the Bahá'í Faith.

"Allen McKiel's book, Beyond Tolerance: Religion and the Global Community, reads like a spiritual journey through the world's major religions that have culminated in the emergence of the Bahá'í Faith. As McKiel views the history of the world religions through the theological lens of the Bahá'í Faith, he sees an essential unity that weaves together many diverse pieces into a single spiritual tapestry."
Thomas R. McFaul Ph.D. Author of The Future of Peace and Justice in the Global Village: Role of the World Religions in the 21st Century

An excellent resource for comparative religion classes.