Baha'i Word Puzzles Vol 2

Baha'i Word Puzzles Volume 2

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The best way to learn is through play. 

Some of the word games in this book are really easy. Some are really hard. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you can have fun figuring it all out - either by yourself or as a team, in cooperation with others, or competing with them. Start at the beginning and work your way through, or just do the kinds of puzzles you like, or the ones on the topics you are interested in. 

This book was obviously a labor of love by the author Nat Yogachandra. He priced it so low that you will get your money's worth ten-times over even if you only do half the puzzles. Use them for childrens classes, youth gatherings or adult deepenings and the value of this collection becomes priceless. 

Volume one of this series completely sold out of two printings in a very short time, so don't wait to get your copy.

103 pages of puzzles (40 more than the first volume) plus a table of contents, references, and, of course, all the answers in the back. Happy Puzzling!