Pens which carry a slogan or information supporting Baha'i principles. Many are good for gifts and several are inexpensive enough to give away as a teaching tool.

Coexist Gel Pen


$2.25   $1.50
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These gel pens glide across the paper with a bold black line that is easy to read.  The Coexist design stands out dramatically against the black barrel.  Clear cap with geometric cut-outs on the clip protects the smooth gel ink and soft rubber grip.  This is a pen you will enjoy writing with, and that others will notice.  We offer bulk pricing so you can give them as gifts to coworkers, students and friends.

  • 1 for (+$1.50)

Lover of the Light - Pen Flashlight


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A gorgeous pen and useful flashlight in one handy gadget that proclaims your love for the Light.

  • Red (+$2.25)
  • 15  (+$25.00)

Education Flashlight Stylus Pen


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A three-in-onederful gift for students and educators. 

  • 1 Executive Gray (+$3.95)
  • 1 Royal Blue (+$3.95)
  • 1 Cardinal Red (+$3.95)
  • 6 assorted (+$17.85)

Interfaith Stylus Pen


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Every time we redesign our interfaith pen it gets better. This year not only are we offering a combination pen and soft rubber stylus for use on all of your... More
  • 1 Royal Blue (+$2.75)
  • 1 Deep Red (+$2.75)
  • 6 Assorted (+$13.50)

Convention Special - Pen & Folder Set


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Every Unit Convention attendee needs a pen and a folder. Every attendee is a religious leader, and every attendee is a flower in the garden of humanity.... More
  • 48 (+$36.00)
  • 60 (+$45.00)
  • 72 (+$54.00)
  • 84 (+$63.00)
  • 96 (+$72.00)

Flowers of One Garden Pen


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12 different floral designs with quote and 800 # Twelve, yes, twelve different floral designs grace these beautiful stick pens that say "We are flowers... More
  • 12 (+$8.00)
  • 60 (+$29.00)