These Pamphlets are appropriate for information booths and literature tables. Keep a selection to put out at events as well as your center.  Also keep a stack in your glove compartment.  You never know when you will need one!

Please note that we keep our literature prices as low as possible based on the quanitity ordered, not who orders them.  Individuals get the same great pricing as Assemblies!  All of our pamphlets offer bulk pricing, so use the drop-down menu to find the best quantity for your needs.


Tell Me About God's Love For Me


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4 1/4 x 3 1/4"
Belief in Original Sin has left most people in our culture with an underlying feeling of unworthiness, guilt and shame. The Bahai Writings are the most... More

Door Knob Invitation Pamphlets


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These can be used as pamphlets at literature tables, or left on door knobs when you go out to invite neighbors to core activities.

Do You Belong Pamphlet

CODE: PT-102

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The first step in reaching anyone is to reduce fear and find common ground. That is the goal of this very short, non-threatening pamphlet directed towards... More

Why I'm a Baha'i Pamphlet

CODE: PT-199

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I have heard and experienced so many wonderful stories about the effectiveness of my popular T-shirt, that I realized that I needed something to carry with... More

9 Reasons and 9 Things Pamphlet


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Back in stock! When this two-sided pamphlet was first released, it sold like crazy.  People had dreams about it. Communities held deepenings... More

One Thing You Need to Know Pamphlet


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"You don't need to know the Bahá'í Faith's history (though it is full of drama and excitement.) You don't need to know the... More

Entering the Ocean Pamphlet


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This is an absolutely beautiful pamphlet that presents a sensitive selection of quotations about the soul and its journey after death. Printed in full color... More