Grant Hindin Miller

Grant Hindin Miller was born in Auckland, New Zealand  in 1950. His credits include four books, the scripts from three motion pictures and the words and music of more than one hundred songs. His songs have been used successfully in deepenings, Feasts, Holy Days, dramatic presentations by dance and acting groups, and by individual believers all over the world; including the recent Conference of the Continental Boards of Counselors in Haifa.

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01/27/2011, 01:17 AM

"I recently purchased, along with a few other CDs, a copy of the newest CD by Grant Hindin Miller called "Birdsong". I highly recommend all the five CDs by this Baha'i artist. He has a unique ability to tell a story or history using beautiful imagery, or simply chant or sing the Sacred Writings. The songs are specially great for devotional gatherings and feasts, or to share with anyone. The melodies and songs are spiritually uplifting, inspiring and soothing. There is another tribute to Thomas Breakwell, the first English Baha'i, on this new CD; this time it is a poem written by Abdu'l-Baha after the death of Thomas Breakwell.

Even though I grew up listening to Persian and Arabic classical chants and singing of the Sacred Writings, listening to the music of Grant Hindin Miller is giving me a deeper appreciation for chanting, singing or "intoning" the Verses of God. Of course, many of us greatly appreciate the contributions of other Baha'i artists."

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