Looking for great Baha'i Music?  We still carry a few CDs from some of the most popular Baha'i musicians in the world, but we are also very excited to announce a partnership with 9 Star Media - the newest and best source for Baha'i media.  Check to see if we have what you are looking for below.  If we don't, then

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where you can download music and audio books instantly, or purchase physical CDs and videos you can take with you.   Don't forget to come back here to purchase everything else your radiant heart desires.

Teaching Peace CD


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Children's Music
If you have kids, then his is probably one of your all-time favorite children's tapes. Track Listing Each sample is 1/4 of the song rendered at 64kbps... More

On Wings of the Soul Songbook


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8.5x11" / spiral bound soft cover

A songbook of 130 Baha'i Songs for Feasts, Devotions, Children's Classes and Holy Days. 

Hello World CD


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Children's Music
  Celebrate the miracle of life with the spirited,  On the Day You Were Born; rock to winners like Buono Appetito, a hilarious sampling of the... More

Acquiescence CD


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Acquiescence The CD begins with a brass quintet. It then moves on to two of the Hidden Words set to choral music directed by Bob Brewer. Choir fans... More

Be Bop Your Best CD


Children's Music
Be Bop Your Best! Little by little, day by day we build our character until at the very heart of us we each shine like the sun! Here are some songs to... More

Big Idea CD


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In Stock
The Big Idea You will love his upbeat and diverse music.  Along with the famous "Sushi in the Kremlin," this CD brings you the sweet inspiration... More

Illumine CD


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Includes Sacred Writings
Illumine Grant Hindin Miller Track Listing Each sample is 1/4 of the total song. 1. O Fleeting Shadow - sample 2. Noble Have I... More

Immerse Yourself CD


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Children's Music, Includes Sacred Writings
Includes 29 songs based on prayers and quotations presented in a style that is easy to sing along to. Slightly more mellow, it lends itself to use by both... More

SunRay Angel of Light CD


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Children's Music
Sunray: Angel of Light Sunray is an angel who is visiting a group of children who are worried about what will happen to them when they die.... More

Geometry Park Downloadable

CODE: mus-geo

Children's Music
  Geometry Park Downloadable Learning Songs Joe Crone  has been teaching since 1989. He has taught music and drama to students from... More

Tell Me About Baha'u'llah Audio Book


100 minute Audio Fireside

This is the downloadable audio fireside you’ve been waiting for, read by the author, Justice Saint Rain.

For years, Baha'is have used the indirect approach to teaching because we were afraid that if we were clear about Baha'u'llah claim and Station, we would scare people away. And we were right – kind of. When we tell people about Baha'u'llah, we need to acknowledge their potential fear and address it with compassion and confidence. That is what this powerful audio fireside does.

Ladder to the Soul CD


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Ladder to the Soul An album full of Bob Alcivar's beautiful music.  It is perfect for playing behind readings at Feasts, Holy Days and Devotions,... More