JEWELRY you can afford!

Special Ideas is the leading supplier of high-quality, yet affordable Bahai Jewelry. We work hard to bring you stunning designs at a great price. 

Bahá’í Jewelry does more than make you look good, it is a way to express your spiritual identity. The right piece of jewelry can also be a starting point for a truly meaningful conversation - one that can change a person’s life forever. 

Here at Special Ideas, we don’t believe that jewelry has to be expensive to serve these goals, only well-designed. To that end we offer a line of affordable yet beautifully designed and crafted symbols of your Faith, your beliefs, and your excellent taste. Commissioned by artist Justice Saint Rain, they each reflect some special idea that makes them stand apart - like hidden jump-rings, hand-polished enamel, or an extra level of detail.

Designs include the Bahá’í Ringstone Symbol, the Greatest Name, Nine-pointed stars, and our own unique line of Interfaith jewelry. The Precious Metals Collection is either solid sterling silver, or gold-plated sterling silver.  Our casual collection is gold or silver-plated bronze or copper, and is often available with different colors of hand-applied Cloisonne accents.

The secret of our "floating" pendants is our unique “loop on the back” design. This floating effect is much more elegant than a loop and jump-ring at the top.  People will focus on the star, not the hardware that connects the star to the chain!

Most of our jewelry is priced under $20.00, but with the price of silver rising 300% in the last two years, our precious metals collection is now between $20.00 and $35.00, which is still 1/10th of what they would cost in solid gold.

Save $3 on the price of a chain when it is purchased as an option along with a pendant.

Silver Ringstone Symbol Pendant

CODE: JY-200-S

In Stock
Silver Plated  Ringstone Symbol Pendant This Baha'i pendant is inspired by the filigree of the dome of the Wilmette House of Worship. We've... More
  • Pendant Only 
  • +20" sterling box chain (+$12.00)
  • +24" sterling box chain (+$14.00)
  • +20" plated snake chain (+$6.00)

Silver & Black Men's Greatest Name Pendant


In Stock

Silver Plated Black Cloisonne Greatest Name Pendant has a dramatic, masculine feel that is great for men and boys who don't wan't frilly necklaces, but who want to identify themselves as Baha'is.

  • Pendant Only 
  • +20" Sterling Box chain (+$12.00)
  • +24" Sterling Box chain (+$14.00)
  • +20" SP Snake Chain (+$6.00)

Silver Greatest Name Pendant

CODE: JY-210-S

In Stock
Silver Plated Greatest Name Pendant This version of our Baha'i House of Worship-inspired Greatest Name pendant comes without enamel color, but not... More
  • Pendant Only 
  • +20" Sterling Box chain (+$12.00)
  • +24" Sterling Box chain (+$14.00)
  • +20" SP Snake Chain (+$6.00)

Deluxe Metal Healing Prayer Coins


In Stock
Our original metal healing prayer coins have been incredibly popular, with many thousands of them being passed from person to person since 2008.... More
  • 2 (+$4.95)
  • 10 (+$19.95)
  • 50 (+$89.95)

Traveler's Prayer Coins


In Stock

The morning Prayer for Travelers in an easy-to carry, hang or wear coin.

  • 1 (+$3.95)
  • 10 (+$29.95)
  • 40 (+$99.95)

Trust in God/Remover of Difficulties Prayer Coins


In Stock

Two prayers for assistance - Trust in God, and Remover of Difficulties - in a durable coin that is easy-to carry or wear as a pendant.

  • 1 (+$2.95)
  • 10 (+$24.95)
  • 40 (+$74.95)

Star Charm Lapel Pin



These small lapel pins are upscale yet affordable unisex gifts for Baha'is of any age. They are dignified conversation pieces that match our star charms and are appropriate for both formal and informal settings. They come in two colors to complement any jacket, blazer or purse. 

  • 1 Blue & Gold (+$5.95)
  • 1 Red & Gold (+$5.95)
  • 10 Assorted (+$49.95)

Silver Mandala Pendant


In Stock
This beautiful nine-pointed star mandala reminds me of our popular coloring book designs. At 1-1/8" (30mm) it is our largest sterling silver pendant, and... More
  • Alone 
  • 18" sterling snake (+$16.00)
  • 20" sterling box chain (+$12.00)
  • 24" sterling box (+$14.00)

Baha'i Script Lapel Pin


In Stock

When you are proud to wear the name Baha'i in a formal setting, this will make a great conversation piece. 

Prayer Coin Collection


$18.70   $15.00
In Stock

Get two or ten of each of our popular prayer coins at a special price. 

  • 6 (+$15.00)
  • 30 (+$70.00)

Small Ringstone Star Lapel Pin


In Stock
These small star lapel pins are 16mm round (5/8") with a finely detailed ringstone symbol in the center. I think they are among the prettiest pieces I've... More
  • Crimson (+$8.50)
  • Black (+$8.50)
  • Turquoise (+$8.50)
  • Set of All 3 (+$22.00)

Bicentennial Lapel Pin


In Stock
Spark a conversation about the Bicentennial with these sparkling lapel pins. People are used to seeing lapel pins celebrating 5, 10 or 25-year... More
  • Crimson & Black (C&B) (+$8.50)
  • Black & Green (B&G) (+$8.50)
  • Turquoise & White (T&W) (+$8.50)
  • Royal Blue & White (R&W) (+$8.50)
  • Set of All 4 (+$30.00)
  • 12 assorted (+$60.00)
  • 48 assorted (+$240.00)