Give Aways

Give-away gifts are designed to attract people to your display or literature table. They cost less than $1.00 each, and most cost less than 50¢ each so you can give them away to lots of people. 

Scroll down to see examples of different kinds of products that you can buy in bulk at very low prices, or click on the following links to go directly to that category's main page.

BalloonsBookmarksStar Clips, and Character Growth Charts are all great gifts for kids, along with Stickers and Temporary Tattoos.

For a little more, there are buttonsmirrors and magnets.

Mini-Cards - Some of these are for proclamation, while others have prayers and quotations that make them appropriate for different kinds of events.  

Post Cards and Post Card Booklets are bigger than a teaching card or bookmark, but easier to carry and more likely to be kept for a long time than a pamphlet.

For a display at a health festival, try the Wooden Healing Coins.

We even have pens priced below $1.00.

Character Growth Chart


In Stock
Here's a low-cost gift that will be treasured for years. Kids love to check to see how tall they have grown. Parents need more opportunities to talk... More
  • 1 for (+$2.00)
  • 10 for (+$7.50)
  • 50 for (+$30.00)

No Room in my heart for PREJUDICE Fans


In Stock
For several years, our "FREE ICE WATER" sign got us more traffic at the county fair than anything else, but then the Christian, Republicans and Democrats... More

Every Child is a Brilliant Star Stickers

CODE: ST-207

In Stock
2 1/2" diameter
Its bright colors and universal theme have made this our second-most-popular sticker.  It is appropriate for any child-friendly event or activity, and... More
  • 100 (+$6.00)
  • 1000 (+$55.00)

Temporary Tattoo Assortment


In Stock

An assortment of our most popular 1.5x1.5" Temporary Tattoos - designs may vary, depending on what we have in stock.

Conservation Light Switch Stickers


In Stock
SPECIAL PRICING FOR EARTH DAY, April 22nd! Prices shown are 1/2 the regular price. It’s easy to be green and promote the Faith at the same time... More

Sparkle 9-pointed Star Craft Stickers


In Stock
1.25" diameter

Kids will love these 1" sparkly 9-pointed star stickers!  They catch the light and send rainbows of color dancing across whatever surface you put them on.

ABC STARS - A Virtues Coloring Book


In Stock
8 x 10.75, 24 pages

ABC Stars - A Virtues Coloring Book is appropriate both as a give-away at events and as an activities book for children's classes or individual coloring. It works on multiple levels, teaching the alphabet, letter forms, virtues, Baha'i principles and Baha'i quotations all at the same time. Plus it is fun to color!

  • 5 for (+$6.00)
  • 40 for (+$30.00)