Flags and Banners

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Flags add color and life to the front of a house.

Flags catch the breeze and grab the eye of passersby at fairs and displays.

Flags fill the empty spaces on large walls in Bahá’í centers, dorm rooms, family rooms, hospitals and offices.

Flags can be hung from poles and carried in parades, making bright, bold statements.

Flags proclaim allegiance to something bigger and more noble than our own private needs.

Flags are large, durable, shiny and absolutely beautiful in almost any setting.

Flags, in short, are fun.


Welcome Everybody! Door/Garden Flag


$12.95   $9.95
In Stock
In this world of prejudice and fear, just saying "Welcome!" becomes a source of light and unity.  Adding "Everybody" to the message makes these... More
  • Door (+$9.95)
  • Garden (+$14.95)

Ayyam-i-Ha and Naw-Ruz Flag SET


$17.90   $15.95
In Stock
Get both of our holiday door flags together and save $2.00. The Ayyam-i-Ha Flag: Colorful Stars and "Happy Ayyam-i-Ha" will brighten any space, and... More

No Room/World Citizen Yard Sign Cover


In Stock
Let the world know where you stand! As the world is slowly dividing between those who welcome diversity and those who fear it, it is more important than... More

Satin "One Light Many Lamps" Table Skirt / Banner

CODE: FG-247

In Stock
28 x 60
The "One Light – Many Lamps" image instantly conveys the principles of the Oneness of God and Progressive Revelation. This means that people who walk... More

World Citizen Flag


In Stock
30" x 40"

This is our World Citizen Flag. A full-color photograph of earth floats in a rich black sky with the words WORLD CITIZEN. This deserves to hang in every school room, in front of every home, in the corridors of City Hall, and anywhere people gather to serve humanity. 

Satin House of Worship / One One One Wall Hanging

CODE: FG-111

In Stock

This beautiful 24x36" satin wall hanging looks almost exactly like our best-selling teaching card of the House of Worship.  The shiny satin fabric is durable and looks great in a Bahá’í Center, dorm room, display case or behind a literature table.  

World Citizen Table Skirt / Banner


In Stock
28 x 60
This lovely piece of fabric serves multiple functions. It is sized perfectly to hang in front of or behind your literature display, but it is also big... More

Interfaith Chapel Flag in White Satin


$28.00   $19.95
In Stock
24" x 30"
Newly re-designed, they no longer have a rod across the top or a cord to hang them from, but they still have the fringe. This makes them easier to ship,... More

One Light Many Lamps Satin Wall Hanging


In Stock

This beautiful 24x36" satin wall hanging looks almost exactly like the cover of our One Light mini-book. The design is such a beautiful way to present the idea of Progressive Revelation at a glance that it is really helpful to have it for displays and literature tables.  

Golden Rule Satin Wall Hanging


In Stock

Here is a satin fabric wall hanging version of our popular Interfaith Golden Rule design.  The satin makes the colors really glow while being very durable and easy to transport and display.   It includes a version of the Golden Rule as expressed in six of the world's major religions - Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and the Baha'i Faith. 

Interfaith Flag - Black Background


In Stock
30" x 40"
Newly reprinted and prettier than ever. This is our Interfaith Flag on polyester with a black background. The interlocking rainbow colors of this rosette... More

Rejoice it's Ridvan! Satin Banner


$39.95   $29.95
In Stock
Here's a Ridvan banner that is so bright and cheery it makes you want to stand up and rejoice! 28" by almost 8 feet across (94"), this banner will turn... More