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Looking for great Baha'i Videos?  We carry a small selection of Baha'i documentaries, devotional DVDs, and teaching videos, but there are new ones coming out all the time.  That's why we are very excited to announce a partnership with 9 Star Media - the newest and best source for Baha'i media.  Check to see if we have what you are looking for below.  If we don't, then

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where you can download music and audio books instantly, or purchase physical CDs and videos you can take with you.   Don't forget to come back here to purchase everything else your radiant heart desires.

The Secret of Emotions Audio Book


Audio Book 185 min. / 978-1888547-51-1 / Kindle

Downloadable Audio Edition! If following your heart has repeatedly gotten you into trouble, but to follow your head feels like a kind of soul-death, then this book will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you. It will teach your head how to understand the language of your heart, and teach your heart how to speak the language of God by explaining the connection between our emotional sensations and the Divine virtues that we long for.

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Tell Me About Baha'u'llah Audio Book


$3.00   $0.01
100 minute Audio Fireside

Note: You do not have to order $60 to get this, but you do have to meet our $11.95 minimum for our system to process your request. 

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Who Are the Baha'is on CD


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Peace Bible CD


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The Peace Bible Michael Fitzgerald reads the poems about a guitar background for this album. Track Listing The samples were rendered at 64kbps... More