Abby Wize: Awa

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9 x 6, 294 pgs / Softcover
NOTE: We only have one copy left, and it is hardbound, which we are selling at the paperback price. Grab it while you can! Abby Wize loves horses.... More

God's Love Comes in Many Colors Pen


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4 Color Pen Without Baha'i These 4-color pens are practical gifts for nurses, chaplains, students, teachers, business people and artists who like to take... More
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Ultimate Visions

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6x9288 pg / Soft Cover

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Tipping Point

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5.5 x 8.5 304 pgs / Softcover
This classic will renew your faith that all the little things you do to the world really do make a difference. The Tipping Point is that magic moment... More

Change and Habit

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6x9 240 pg / Softcover
Arnold Tonybee, one of this century's most respected historians, brings to this unique work both his profound knowledge of the history of the human race and... More

Journey to Mount Eternity

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5 x 8 174 pg / Soft Cover
Parents with high expectations, a boyfriend who has the future all mapped out, and now even the school yearbook thinks it knows exactly what Melissa... More

Ride the Wave

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5 x 8 95 pg / Soft Cover
The Riverview High Bahá'í Club performs a song accompanied by sign language in their school talent show and suddenly everyone begins noticing... More

Gibran Love Letters paper

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6x8 118 pg / Soft Cover
Kahlil Gibran and May Ziadah knew one another solely from the letters they exchanged and from each other's work. Yet their correspondence endured a... More

The Formative Period of Islamic Thought

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5x8.5 424 pg / Softcover
This book, unsurpassed by any other in the English language, describes the course of religious thinking within Islam from the death of the Prophet Muhammad... More

Essentials of Mysticism and Other Essays

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5x8 196 pg / Softcover
This new collection of essays brings together some of Evelyn Underhill's most enduringly valuable work, offering a unique introduction to the wide-ranging... More

True to this Earth

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6x9 204 pg / Hard Cover
Global Challenges and Transforming Faith In 1995 the world commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the end of... More

On Sight and Insight

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5.5 X 8.5 240 pg / Softcover
In 1983, finally forced to accept his now total blindness, John Hull began to keep a cassette diary. In it he recorded his daily experiences, his thoughts... More