Blazon Bookmark


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This leather bookmark proudly announces that you are "Blazoning The Name of Baha'u'llah"

2015 MultiFaith Calendar


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9.5x12.5 34 pg

These MultiFaith Calendars are an annual favorite.  They include the Holy Days for a wide range of religions, including every Baha'i Feast, Fast and Holy Day.  The artwork is stunning, and you will learn loads about 14 different religions. 

This makes a great gift for anyone who is open to learning about other faiths.

They will NOT fit in a SMALL flat-rate envelope. See shipping advice in full description.


Ultimate Visions

CODE: BK-5112

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6x9288 pg

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Autumn - A Spiritual Biography of the Season

CODE: BK-7043

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7x9 180 pg
Discover how this traditional season can reveal both the abundance and the limitations of our everyday lives. Autumn, with all its traditional images of... More

Winter - A Spiritual Biography of the Season

CODE: BK-7041

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7x9 180 pg
Explore how the dormancy and difficulty of winter can be a time of spiritual preparation and transformation. For many, winter is a time of postponed... More

Tibet, Waterbone CD


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CODE: BK-7028

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5" x 8", 125 pages
Ancient words of the Buddha ("awakened one") that can become a companion for your own spiritual journey. The Dhammapada ("Path of the Buddha's... More

As Through a Veil Mystical Poetry in Islam

CODE: BK-5304

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5.5x8.5 359 pages
Mystical Poetry in Islam From the beautiful odes of Jalaluddin Rumi to the whimsy of nonsense verse, this is a detailed and readable introduction to the... More

Teaching Crown of Glory

CODE: BK-102

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5.5x8.5 450 pg
It is a practical guide for anyone and everyone who wants to be a more effective and inspiring communicator/teacher. How to listen - to yourself, to God, to... More

Change and Habit

CODE: BK-5116

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6x9 240 pg
Arnold Tonybee, one of this century's most respected historians, brings to this unique work both his profound knowledge of the history of the human race and... More

Journey to Mount Eternity

CODE: BK-5047

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5 x 8 174 pg
Parents with high expectations, a boyfriend who has the future all mapped out, and now even the school yearbook thinks it knows exactly what Melissa... More

Two's Company Three's a Crowd

CODE: BK-5046

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5x8 111 pg
Bullies, racist plots, kidnaping, detective work - are these two stories really about four teenage Bahai's from a small, insignificant American town? The... More