Greeting Cards for Bahais

Cards on this website have been hand crafted and inspired by the Baha'i writings and prayers.

From beautiful bahai prayer cards to bahai greeting invites for bahai feast and bahai devotions or bahai cards that simply tell a message quoted by Baha'ullah you can find it here

Dancing Children Golden Rule Greeting Cards



This all-occasion note card combines a cheerful picture of diverse dancing children with the positive message of the Golden Rule from six major religions.  

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Angel of Joy Greeting Cards

CODE: GC-254

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What a perfect way to say "Thank you, you've been an angel," or tell newlyweds to be good to each other, or simply wish someone joy! This card was so... More

Children of the Future Cards

CODE: GC-108

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This card is a reduction of Harlan Schleffer's scratch-off piece called "Children on the Universe". Faces of children floating in the stars is so... More

Christian Church Card

CODE: §GC-45

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One of the greatest misunderstandings about the Faith is the idea that we do not believe in Jesus. A new 4x6 greeting card, addresses this issue straight-on... More

Virtue Reflection Cards - pack of 100


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This deck of 100 Virtues Reflection Cards is a nice companion to our Virtues Character Coins . Each individual virtue card defines the meaning of the... More

Classroom Virtue Cards


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Deck of 52 virtues cards describes 52 virtues that are valued by all cultures as the content of our character. Each card has a beautiful photographic... More

Family Virtue Cards


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4x5.25, 52 cards / Family
Abdu'l-Baha says that the purpose of life is to develop our virtues.  So how many virtues can you name off the top of your head?  And how you... More

Baha'i Virtue Cards


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4x5.25, 52 cards / Family
A Baha'i Edition of the popular Virtues Cards. Abdu'l-Baha says that the purpose of life is to develop our virtues.  So how many virtues can you... More

Prayer for Expectant Mothers Greeting Card


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These beautiful cards make wonderful gift cards to go with a baby show gift, or insert a sheet with the time and place and use them as invitations to the baby shower itself.  

Classic Golden Rule Greeting Cards


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This Golden Rule design with praying children has been a favorite for decades.  These note cards are an easy and useful to show the similarities between religions and spread the message of compassion.

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Happy Ayyam-i-Ha Ribbon


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Back in Stock! Make your Ayyam-i-Ha presents extra special this year by decorating them with this festive organza fabric ribbon that says "Happy... More
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Purple Tulip Naw-Ruz Card


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Note: The dates given for Ayyam-i-Ha and Naw-Ruz on the inside of the cards are ARE accurate for this year, but will not be the same every year now that the calendar has change.

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