Bahai Faith Calendars have feast and holy days marked.

American/Baha'i Wall Calendar for 2015

CODE: BC-1415

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This 2015 calendar was too beautiful to throw away when four Baha'i Holy Days were moved, so we've corrected them by hand. Please read the description before ordering. 

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Bahai Datebook (171 BE)


3 1/4" X 6 1/2" Inches

The latest edition of the popular pocket calendar is still full of useful information to keep you up-to-date on Holy Days, Feasts, and other special events.


2015 MultiFaith Calendar


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9.5x12.5 34 pg

These MultiFaith Calendars are an annual favorite.  They include the Holy Days for a wide range of religions, including every Baha'i Feast, Fast and Holy Day.  The artwork is stunning, and you will learn loads about 14 different religions. 

This makes a great gift for anyone who is open to learning about other faiths.

They will NOT fit in a SMALL flat-rate envelope. See shipping advice in full description.


American Bahai Pocket Calendar for 2015


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A beautiful and handy pocket calendar that shows both American and Baha'i Holidays along with Baha'i Feasts for all of 2015 and Jan-March of 2016.

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