Final Wishes

Bahai Burial Planning Guide - My Final Wishes

CODE: BK-888

Price: $14.95


A guide to Baha'i burial practices, and a funeral planning guide all in one helpful workbook. 

Inspired by the difficulty she had finding helpful information after the death of her daughter, Sandy Gordon decided to devote herself to making this painful time less confusing for people in the future. She has developed a very useful step-by-step workbook to help you think about all of the detailed questions that need to be answered before you are buried so you can decide how YOU want them handled instead of leaving your wishes to be guessed at by those left behind.

Both binding and non-binding Baha'i laws are explained, with places for you to indicate which ones you would like followed, how and by whom.

It even has photographs of ways to wrap your body for burial, which is very helpful.

8.5x11.5" and 50 pages long, you will find it immensely helpful.