God Loves Laughter

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181 pg
This is the hilarious story of a poor boy from the Midwest who became one of America's topflight TV stars. But he was bothered with a boyhood dream and... More

Abby Wize: Awa

CODE: BK-1011

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9 x 6, 294 pgs
Abby Wize loves horses. Riding is her only adolescent escape from an overbearing mother. She doesn’t realize she’s been learning unsafe horse-handling... More

Journey to Mount Eternity

CODE: BK-5047

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5 x 8 174 pg
Parents with high expectations, a boyfriend who has the future all mapped out, and now even the school yearbook thinks it knows exactly what Melissa... More

Ride the Wave

CODE: BK-5044

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5 x 8 95 pg
The Riverview High Bahá'í Club performs a song accompanied by sign language in their school talent show and suddenly everyone begins noticing... More

Wheelin' It

CODE: BK-5045

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5 x 8 90 pg
Priorities - can we ever get them right? When family life, commitments to Bahá'í Club and the upcoming skateboarding Regional Finals seem to... More

Spirit Within Club

CODE: BK-6149

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5+ x 8", 199 pages
The arts teacher is ruining what used to be Aiko's favorite class. Zeke misses out on the best part of the whole year – the science fair – when... More

Dragons of Rizvania

CODE: BK-6162

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9 1/5 x 6, 48 pages
I am temporarily out, but will have more by the end of the week.  Call if you want me to back-order a copy (or 5) for you. Dragons are ravaging the... More

Dragon Quest

CODE: BK-1060

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6x9 144 pg

A young dragon sets out to graduate from dragon school.  Along the way he has to overcome challenges and develop virtues.  The story is completely predictable (it is a kids book, after all) but it is so well told that I read every word in order to discover how the lessons would be learned and the story resolve itself.

City and the Heart

CODE: BK-4002

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5.5 x 8
An early chapter book for kids. This chapter book is the sequel to The Refuge and the Cave, and tells the story of three youth who work to plant a garden... More

The Dragon Collection - Early Chapter Books

CODE: BK-1060/6162

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This buy two, get one free collection includes three early chapter books suitable for kids 6-10. Dragon Quest - a brand new book about dragons and... More