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Books for Bahai Children

Blueberry Bear


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16 pages / Hard Cover
Not about peace or any deep issues, but I love this book because it invites even very young children to think about what is happening. A yellow bear (with a... More

Unexpected Day & The Trust


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5½x8½, 80pages / Soft Cover

Two timeless fables set in the ancient orient - by Ron Tomanio.  Inspiring for young and old alike. Priced to be given as children's class gifts.

Penny Wishes


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8x10 32 pages / Hard Cover
Every day a woman throws a penny into the sea and makes a wish - while her neighbors live exciting lives and make their dreams come true. When a storm... More

Treasure Chest

CODE: BK-6012

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8.5 x 11, 46 pages / Soft Cover
A workbook, designed for children aged between 7 and 11, which includes stories from the life of Bahá'u'lláh, Games and activities, Passages... More

Hooray for the Planet - Gift Edition


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Soft Cover
Do you know someone who could use a reason to smile? Just look at that cover! Look long enough, and you can't help but start to smile yourself. Read the... More

Daily Reflections and Stories for Children Vol 1

CODE: BK-6075

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9 1/5 x 6, 48 pages / Soft Cover

A short passage from the Bahá'í writings, a simple story and a beautiful painting for each of 19 days – all relating a virtue – promote in children a love for reading daily from the scriptures and enable them to learn from the example of 'Abdu’l-Bahá.

Sally's Coat

CODE: BK-4009

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8.5x6 36 pg / Soft Cover
When Sally accidentally rips her coat, her friends help her invent some very imaginative excuses so that she won't get in trouble with her mom. But is... More

Pocketful of Pearls - Prayers & Writings for Older Children


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4 x 6
Our new edition of A Pocketful of Pearls has a stunning cover by Joe Paczkowski, who designed several of our scarves.  It will appeal to the... More
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Lilly and Peggy

CODE: BK-6011

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31 pg / Soft Cover
Ronald Tomanio is a great story teller, as I discovered when I decided to publish The Unexpected Day. His first leap into publishing was with Lilly and... More

Family Virtues Guide


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7.5x9 319 pg / Soft Cover
Simple Ways to Bring Out The Best in Our Children and Ourselves One virtue per week x 52, this book provides a simple framework for your family, your... More

Violet and the Garden

CODE: BK-4003

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6 x 8, 32 pages / Soft Cover
This is the classic story of a simple violet in a garden of snobby flowers who finally learn that it is their variety that makes the garden so special.... More


CODE: BK-4007

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5 x 7, 18 pages / Soft Cover
What would happen if all the colors had a fight and let the whole world turn to grey? This imaginative scenario teaches children about the beauty of... More