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Books for Bahai Children

On Wings of the Soul Songbook


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8.5x11" / spiral bound soft cover

A songbook of 130 Baha'i Songs for Feasts, Devotions, Children's Classes and Holy Days. 

Daily Reflections and Stories for Children Vol 3

CODE: BK-6160

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9 1/5 x 6, 48 pages / Soft Cover
Daily Reflections Vol 1 was our best-selling new book for 2010, and the second volume was just as popular.  This third volume promises to continue... More

Beyond the Rainbow

CODE: BK-4011

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10x7 15pg / Soft Cover
Life after death is even more difficult to explain to a child than God, but this book offers several metaphors based on the Bahá'í Writings to... More

Call Me Ridvan

CODE: BK-6161

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9 1/5 x 6, 48 pages / Soft Cover
Hey there, Red one!  someone called out. Ridván was walking home from school past a group of older boys. Got rid of that van yet? ... More

Journey to the Heart of Africa

CODE: BK-4001

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11.5x8 32 pg / Soft Cover
Elephants Have the Right of Way! This is just one of the many lessons that Sarah and David learn while on holiday in East Africa where they meet their... More

Flute Player and the Lazy One

CODE: BK-6254

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7 x 10, 32 pages / Soft Cover
The family of Farhad and Bahram are carpet weavers. Farhad works hard while his brother Bahram is lazy. Farhad also plays the flute beautifully while Bahram... More

A Children's Prayers Postcard Booklet


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4x6 6pg.

Looking for affordable and reverent gifts for kids?  This strip of six postcards doubles as a children's prayer book, with a short quotation from a prayer on each panel. You get FIVE strips of SIX cards for only $6.00 

  • 25 booklets=150 cards (+$25.00)
  • 5 booklets=30 cards (+$7.50)

Mariana and the Mountain of God

CODE: BK-4012

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8.5x623 pg / Soft Cover
Marianne, an incredibly sweet Bahá'í girl, wants to help build the Arc of God, but she is too kind and humble to accept payment for "random... More

Prayers for Children

CODE: BK-1861

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8.25x8.25" 32 pg / 978-1-61851-032-7 / HARDCOVER

A hardbound Baha'i prayer book for pre- and early-readers with 13 short prayers.

Blessed Is the Spot Children's Prayer Book

CODE: BK-1865

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8.25x8.25" 32 pg / HARDCOVER

“Blessed is the spot” is the first prayer in every prayer book, so it is only fitting that it be one of the first prayers that young children learn as their parents read them this charming book.  Each phrase is illustrated in whimsically colorful pictures with lots of details for children to explore.  Hardbound for durability.

Pearls of Wisdom

CODE: BK-1869

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8.25x8.25" 32 pg / HARDCOVER
This is the third in the series of children's books illustrated by Constanze von Kitzing.  Along with Prayers for Children and Blessed Is the Spot ,... More

Affirmation Coloring Book for Adults


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8 1/2 x 11, 128 pages
Our first adult coloring book was so wildly popular that we've created a second one that is even better. By now everyone has heard about the benefits... More
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