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The Baha'i Community is producing a dizzying array of new books every year.  The three pages of books listed in this category were all published in the last 14 months, and the next 12 months are sure to see another 20-30 new books, so check here often.  With so many new books, it is impossible for all of them to get the attention they deserve.  So just because you haven't heard of these books doesn't mean they aren't great.

RUMI - 53 Secrets from the Tavern of Love

CODE: bk-5583

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53 short poems are presented as lessons on love. The reader is encouraged to treat them as koans to inspire spiritual contemplation.

Ruhi 5 Releasing the Power of Jr Youth

CODE: BK-2015

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8.5 x 11
The new Ruhi Book 5,  Releasing the Power of Jr Youth is finally available for individual and group purchase without going through your institute... More

Nurturing A Healthy Human Spirit In The Young

CODE: bk-6181

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8.5x5.5 224pg / paperback

Parents, carers, educators, and anyone interested in the well-being of young people will find in this book not only principles of nurturing a healthy human spirit in the young but also an array of successful, down-to-earth, practical ways of doing so.

Getting Old? Well, Maybe, Just a Little

CODE: BK-6182

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5x8" 72 pg

My dear friend Harlan Scheffler is now on the "other side," but before he moved on, he left us with his thoughts about the process of growing old and preparing to die. A gentle soul and profound thinker, you will want to read what he has to say. With luck, you will face your last days with the same grace and faith that he describes in these two essays.

Baha'i Word Puzzles

CODE: BK-8011

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8.5x11 94pg

The best way to learn is through play. 

Some of the word games in this book are really easy. Some are really hard. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you can have fun figuring it all out - either by yourself or as a team, in cooperation with others, or competing with them. Start at the beginning and work your way through, or just do the kinds of puzzles you like, or the ones on the topics you are interested in. 

Meditation Coloring Book for Adults [Deluxe]


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8 1/2 x 11, 128 pages
A Spiritual Stress-Reducing Coloring Book for All Ages Coloring is not just child’s play. Detailed coloring work activates both sides of the... More

Divine Art of Meditation

CODE: BK-6184

220 pages / Soft Cover
I'm very excited about this book. Having experienced a wide range of meditation techniques myself, I am often surprised at how little most Baha'is know... More

LOVE - Essential Insights Series

CODE: BK-3306

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7x7" 48 pg / saddle-stitched softcover

You will LOVE this book on love. The artwork by Corinne Randall will draw you in while the carefully selected verses from the Baha'i Writings will seep, like morning dew, into the depths of your heart. This is a gift that anyone would treasure. Only 48 pages long, but infused with enough wisdom to last a lifetime. Enjoy. 

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Gratefulness - Essential Insights Series

CODE: BK-3307

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7x7" 48 pg / saddle-stitched softcover

Looking for a beautiful way to say "thank you?" An attitude of gratitude is one of the most important qualities to develop in life. It increases our happiness and leads to contentment. Give this book to anyone you feel grateful towards, and the gratitude will just keep spiraling upwards! 

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Generosity - Essential Insights Series

CODE: BK-3308

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7x7" 48 pg / saddle-stitched softcover

"Be generous in prosperity..." Whether you are looking for a beautiful way to thank someone who has been generous toward you, or are trying to become more generous yourself, this beautiful book is exactly what you are looking for. 

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Healing - Essential Insights Series

CODE: BK-3309

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7x7" 48 pg saddle-stitched / saddle-stitched softcover

A beautiful full-color gift book for anyone struggling with health issues.

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Interfaith Resources Meditations on the Life to Come Booklet


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5 x 7, 64 pages

This collection of reassuring quotations helps people face the next stage in life's eternal journey. It includes short quotations from many ten religions plus words of wisdom from poets and philosophers throughout the ages and around the world. It is priced to give away.

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