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The Baha'i Community is producing a dizzying array of new books every year.  The three pages of books listed in this category were all published in the last 14 months, and the next 12 months are sure to see another 20-30 new books, so check here often.  With so many new books, it is impossible for all of them to get the attention they deserve.  So just because you haven't heard of these books doesn't mean they aren't great.

Rebekah's Well

CODE: BK-6175

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8x5 152pg / 978-085398-581-5
The lives of women and men mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and the Qur'án as well as those from Bahá'í history,... More

Dreams of Destiny

CODE: BK-1867

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6x9 300pg / 978-1-61851-045-7

Throughout the history of the Babi and Baha'i Faith, believers and non-believers alike have had their lives changed as a result of dreams - dreams that guided them; dreams that foretold the future; dreams that filled them with love.  While Baha'is don't talk much about miracles, these dreams constitute "little miracles" that have shaped individual lives and the Community as a whole.

Seven Valleys Color Gift Edition

CODE: BK-3300

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The Seven Valleys is Baha'u'llah's best-known mystical work, describing the journey of the soul from Self to God. From the story of The Watchman to the misty edges of the Valley of Nothingness, every valley is scattered with gems of wisdom.  It is not a book you want to rush through, and this exquisitely-illustrated edition will make you want to linger on every single page, contemplating the wisdom of the Writing and the beauty of the images.

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The Eternal Soul - Color Gift Book

CODE: BK-3302

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4.75x7 128pg

Our most beautiful compilation about life after death.  It offers insights for the curious and comfort to the grieving in a format that will, itself, comfort the reader.  Each two-page spread offers a Baha'i quotation about the nature of the soul and its glorious destiny across from a captivating work of art in full color.  

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CODE: BK-6171

5.5x8.5", 423 pgs

An intimate glimpse into the life of Hand of the Cause Abu’l-Qásim Faizi, whose wisdom, candour, service, vision, humour and charisma caused Bahá’ís everywhere to love him

One Reality: Harmony of Science & Religion

CODE: BK-1866

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5x8" 212 pg

A Compilation

Of all of the basic Baha’i principles, the Harmony of Science and Religion is probably the least understood – not only by the world at large, but by Baha’is themselves.  That makes this book one of the most valuable published in recent years.  

Snow Fence Road

CODE: BK-1107

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158pg 5x8" / 978-1-934912-54-6

Fiction written by Baha'is has a special spirit about it.  This inspirational romance by Phyllis Edgerly Ring, author of Life at First Sight, is full of warmth and wisdom along with a cast of characters you will want to get to know better.

Prayers for Children

CODE: BK-1861

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8.25x8.25" 32 pg / 978-1-61851-032-7

A hardbound Baha'i prayer book for pre- and early-readers with 13 short prayers.

Blessed Is the Spot Children's Prayer Book

CODE: BK-1865

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8.25x8.25" 32 pg

“Blessed is the spot” is the first prayer in every prayer book, so it is only fitting that it be one of the first prayers that young children learn as their parents read them this charming book.  Each phrase is illustrated in whimsically colorful pictures with lots of details for children to explore.  Hardbound for durability.

Pearls of Wisdom

CODE: BK-1869

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8.25x8.25" 32 pg
This is the third in the series of children's books illustrated by Constanze von Kitzing.  Along with Prayers for Children and Blessed Is the Spot ,... More

Blessings and Gems Prayer Book for Boys

CODE: BK-8008-B

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8.25x8.25" 56 pg
Now with an alternate dust jacket! If you are giving this to a little boy, you can now order this popular book with an alternate dust jacket that has... More

Dragon Quest

CODE: BK-1060

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6x9 144 pg

A young dragon sets out to graduate from dragon school.  Along the way he has to overcome challenges and develop virtues.  The story is completely predictable (it is a kids book, after all) but it is so well told that I read every word in order to discover how the lessons would be learned and the story resolve itself.