Introductions to Baha'i Faith

Introductory level books about the Baha'i Faith

Bahai Basics - 2nd edition

CODE: BK-1864

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8x9" 190pg / Softcover

Formatted as a "discovery" book, with square pages double columns, this is a great introduction to the Baha'i Faith, The playful title font and question-and-answer format will put readers of all ages at ease and let them know that this book will be a fun exploration, not a scholarly discourse.

The Bahai Faith - Vickers

CODE: BK-1111

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6 x 8", 64 pages / Softcover

Here is a low-cost full-color introduction to the Baha'i Faith suitable for children, youth and adults.  It starts by introducing two Baha'i children, and then goes on to tell about their family and their beliefs.  Though originally written as an introduction for children, it has been very popular with anyone who wants a basic overview of the principles and teachings in an easy-to-understand format with lots of pictures.

Road Trip Home - A Baha'i Vision of Hope

CODE: BK-1017

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8.5x5.5 289 pg
In the tradition of Thief in the Night , this gentle introduction to the Baha'i Faith is written as a story, which makes it more accessible and less... More