Teaching the Faith

My Bahai Faith - A Personal Tour of the Baha'i Teachings


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8 1/2 x 5 1/2 , 144 ppg
This is an affordable introductory book written for the kind of people who actually end up wanting to become Bahá'ís. They are mature... More

Apocalypse Secrets

CODE: BK-1109

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5.5x8.5" 380pp
More are on the way! In a world in which "The End of the World" is predicted almost weekly, it would be nice to have a rational, Baha'i perspective on... More

Raising the Call

CODE: BK-2008

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5.5x8.5 222 pg
The Individual and Effective Teaching A practical training guide on the subject of individual teaching. Includes spiritual preparation for teaching,... More

Teaching the Bahai Faith

CODE: BK-6091

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5.5 x 8, 192 pages
In one book are described both the spiritual and the practical steps a Bahá'í needs to take in order to witness the growth of his Faith by the... More

Bible Revisited

CODE: BK-6100

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8 1/2 x 5 1/2, 199 pages
A collection of short, well-written essays on a wide range of religious topics ranging from the existence of God to the return of Christ. Savitt, Baha'i and... More

King of Kings

CODE: BK-1036

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5.5x8.5 507 pg
This is the third of the six-volume series on proofs and prophecies. This volume also presents hundreds of biblical prophecies concerning the advent of the... More

I Shall Come Again

CODE: BK-1034

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5.5x8.5 516 pg
This work offers proofs of the most remarkable event in human history - the Advent of the Prince of Peace, the Desire of the Ages, the Redeemer of the... More

Magnet of Divine Blessings

CODE: BK-1047

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4.25 x 7, 410 pages
Teaching the Cause of God

Understanding Biblical Prophecy

CODE: BK-5041

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6x9 238 pg
This is the final volume of a three volume study program designed to help Bahá'ís familiarize themselves with the Bible and Christian beliefs.... More

The Greatest News

CODE: BK-1044

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4 x 7
What is the greatest, the most joyous, and the most glorious news? It is the news of the Advent of great Messengers and Redeemers from God. Yet when people... More