Teaching the Faith

Friendship Fellowship and Transformation

CODE: BK-6186

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"Make one new friend a year, show them genuine love, and slowly introduce them to the Faith." Sounds easy, doesn't it? It certainly sounds more fun than... More

My Bahai Faith - A Personal Tour of the Baha'i Teachings


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8 1/2 x 5 1/2 , 144 ppg / Softcover
This is an affordable introductory book written for the kind of people who actually end up wanting to become Bahá'ís. They are mature... More

Apocalypse Secrets

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5.5x8.5" 380pp / paperback
More are on the way! In a world in which "The End of the World" is predicted almost weekly, it would be nice to have a rational, Baha'i perspective on... More

Raising the Call

CODE: BK-2008

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5.5x8.5 222 pg / Softcover
The Individual and Effective Teaching A practical training guide on the subject of individual teaching. Includes spiritual preparation for teaching,... More

Teaching the Bahai Faith

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5.5 x 8, 192 pages / Softcover
In one book are described both the spiritual and the practical steps a Bahá'í needs to take in order to witness the growth of his Faith by the... More

Bible Revisited

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8 1/2 x 5 1/2, 199 pages / Soft Cover
A collection of short, well-written essays on a wide range of religious topics ranging from the existence of God to the return of Christ. Savitt, Baha'i and... More

King of Kings

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5.5x8.5 507 pg / Hard Cover
This is the third of the six-volume series on proofs and prophecies. This volume also presents hundreds of biblical prophecies concerning the advent of the... More

I Shall Come Again

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5.5x8.5 516 pg / Hard Cover
This work offers proofs of the most remarkable event in human history - the Advent of the Prince of Peace, the Desire of the Ages, the Redeemer of the... More

The Greatest News

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4 x 7 / Softcover
What is the greatest, the most joyous, and the most glorious news? It is the news of the Advent of great Messengers and Redeemers from God. Yet when people... More

The Greatest News 1-cent

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4 x 7 / Softcover
Choose ONLY  ONE  1 ¢  item per  order of $60.00. What is the greatest, the most joyous, and the most glorious news? It... More