Islam & Zoroastrianism

Voices of Islam

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6x9 188 pg / Softcover
Based on the highly successful BBC radio series "What Do Muslims Believe?', Professor John Bowker's book draws on interviews with Muslims across the board... More

Studies in Early Mysticism

CODE: BK-5302

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5.5x8.5 276 pg / Softcover
The rich mystical tradition of the Near and Middle East is the fascinating subject of this wide-ranging study by Dr. Margaret smith, a renowned writer in... More

Muhammad A Short Biography

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6x9 131 pg / Softcover
In the West, Islam is often regarded as a warrior faith, with Muhammad as its conquering leader, armed with the Quran in one hand and a scimitar in the... More

Islam and The West

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6x9 151 pg / Softcover
The Making of an Image When it first appeared in 1960, Norman Daniel's study of the formation of western ideas about Islam was at once hailed as a... More

Islam and the Baha'i Faith

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250 pages / Softcover
The Bahá'í Faith has its roots in Islam yet many Muslims do not have accurate information about this fast-growing religion. Here Dr. Moojan... More

Islam A Short History

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6x9 159 pg / Softcover
From its birth among the nomadic peoples of seventh-century Arabia to its present status as one of the great religions of the world, this is a concise and... More

Essentials of Mysticism and Other Essays

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5x8 196 pg / Softcover
This new collection of essays brings together some of Evelyn Underhill's most enduringly valuable work, offering a unique introduction to the wide-ranging... More

City of Wrong A Friday in Jerusalem

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5.5x8.5 234 pg / Softcover
City of Wrong was the first book written in the Islamic world to make a through study of Christianity's central theme - Christ's crucifixion and to show its... More

Man Who Sent the MAGI

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6 x 9, 316 pages / Soft Cover
Would you like to know more about Zoroaster? Most of us only know of the Magi, who were sent to visit the baby Jesus. The Man Who Sent the Magi... More

Last Day [The]

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370 pages, 5.5x8.5" / Softcover

A look at Islamic end-time prophecies from a Baha'i perspective.