Scholarly Works

Abraham One God Three Wives Five Religions

CODE: BK-1858

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6 x 9, 242 pages / Soft Cover
Abraham One God, Three Wives, Five Religions, by Frances Worthinton Abraham: One God, Three Wives, Five Religions  is a groundbreaking... More

Unsheathing the Sword of Wisdom

CODE: BK-66152

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6 1/2 x 9 1/2, 208 pages / Soft Cover
This survey of human rights issues summarizes the many proposals made by the Bahá’í International Community concerning the human rights... More

Selections from the Writings of E. G. Browne

CODE: BK-66330

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6" x 9.25", 500 pgs / Soft Cover
Selected from the Writings of Bahá'u'lláh, the Báb, 'Abdu'l-Bahá and Shoghi Effendi, this book offers material for a... More

Search for Values, Ethics in Baha'i Thought

CODE: BK-5566

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6"x9" 239 ppgs / Soft Cover
This book is a first attempt by several Bahá'í scholars to come to terms with the implications of a Bahá'í system of ethics in... More

Paradise and Paradigm

CODE: BK-5559

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6"x9", 402 ppgs / Soft Cover
This is the first formal (academic) comparison of the Baha'i Faith and Christianity. Published by the State University of New York Press, Paradise and... More

Psyche & Eros: Bahai Studies in Spritual Psychology

CODE: BK-66048

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6 1/2 x 9 1/2, 292 pages / Soft Cover
This book is an effort to integrate the knowledge from religion with the knowledge from social science. It attempts to interpret the field of western... More

Bahai and Globalisation

CODE: BK-5530

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308 ppgs, 6 x 8 1/2 / Softcover
Fifteen essays explore the place of the Baha'i Faith in the post-modern world! Prominent scholars and academics--both Baha'is and non-Baha'is-- look at... More

Revisioning the Sacred

CODE: BK-5565

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6" x 9", 231 ppgs / Soft Cover
Any theology, Baha'i or other, is viewed in today's world as being largely irrelevant to the concerns of humanity. yet, Baha'is  believe that the... More

Scripture and Revelation

CODE: BK-66328

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5.5" x 8 1/2", 368 pgs / Soft Cover
Baha'i Studies Volume III This third volume in the George Ronald Bahá'í Studies Series brings together the work of a number of outstanding... More

Human Rights, the UN and the Bahá’ís in Iran

CODE: BK-66083

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5.5 x 8 1/4, 640 pages / Soft Cover
A comprehensive account of the interaction between the United Nations human rights system and one human rights situation - that of the... More

Baha'i: Religious Construction

CODE: BK-5534

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6"x9" 246 ppgs / Soft Cover
One of Bahá'u'lláh's best known sayings is:  "The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."  Therefore,... More

Music, Devotions and Mashriqu'l-Adhkar

CODE: BK-5555

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6"x9", 390 ppgs / Hard Cover
This book offers an in-depth and scholarly examination of the development of music and devotional life within the American Bahá'í community... More