Prayer Books

A Gift of Prayers & Selected Writings Mini-Book


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Only $1.25 each in quantities, this is the prayer book that was given to visitors at the Bahá'í House of Worship in Wilmette for several... More
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Bahai Prayers


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This is the most recent edition of the general prayer book published by the Baha'i Publishing Trust. It uses "Bible paper" to make them slimmer and easier... More

Interfaith Prayer Book


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5 x 8, 52 pages / Soft Cover
Bahá'ís will want to bring a stack of these to every devotional meeting, Holy Day or interfaith meeting that they go to.... More
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Expanded Interfaith Prayer Book


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6x9 104 pages / Soft Cover

An expanded deluxe edition of our best-selling Interfaith Prayer Book with eight additional traditions and 52 additional pages of prayers and information.  A great gift for anyone who works with or is interested in people of different religious traditions.

Prayers for Women - Wings of Prayer Mini-Book


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4 x 6, 56 pages
Baha'i Prayers for Women Surveys indicate that women tend to have a richer, more committed prayer life than men. It is appropriate, then, to have a... More
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Spiritual Strength for Men

CODE: BK-5504

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6x4, 163 pg / Soft Cover
Selections from the Writings of Bahaullah, the Bab, and Abdu'l-Baha This popular prayer book for men has been re-issued in a lower-priced paperback... More

Baha'i Prayers for Women

CODE: BK-5500

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4 x 6 / Hard Cover
Bahá'í Prayers for Women - BACK IN STOCK! This was the first full-length prayer book compiled with women's needs in mind, and it is still the nicest.... More

Healing the Soul

CODE: BK-5511

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4 x 6 / Hard Cover
Prayers of Comfort & Renewal Bahá'í Prayers, Meditations, and Passages from Writings of the Báb, Bahá'u'lláh,... More

Gift of Prayers Deluxe Assortment


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Our pocket edition of A Gift of Prayers (BKT-BP) is our best-selling product, but many seekers and friends of the Faith deserve something more than a... More
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Lotus Prayer Book

CODE: BK-8000

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Soft Cover
A Prayer for Every Heart This charming interfaith prayer book is published by the Interfaith Lotus Temple.  With over 100 sources from over a dozen... More

Bahai Prayers The Key

CODE: BK-1049

4 1/4 x 7, 221 pages / Soft Cover
Prayer: the key that unlocks the heart of heaven

Prayers and Meditations


Soft Cover