Baha'i Compilations

Wisdom of the Master

CODE: BK-5508

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This treasury of spiritual inspiration, gleaned from daily events in the life of 'Abdu'l-Baha and from his words and writings, is designed with the New Age... More

Pen of Glory

CODE: BK-1830

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4 1/4 x 7, 196 pages / Soft Cover
This paperback volume contains the same Writings as the hardback volumes  Gems of Divine Mysteries  and  Tabernacle of Unity  combined.... More

Waging Peace

CODE: BK-5579

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5"x7" / Hard Cover
Selections from the Baha'i Writings on Universal Peace This small volume brings together the most important quotations from the Bahá'í... More

Divine Therapy

CODE: BK-6005

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216 pages / Softcover
Pearls of Wisdom from the Bahai Writings This is a self-help oriented compilation similar to Divine Art of Living. It is a nice way to introduce the... More

Bahá'u'lláh's Teachings on Spiritual Reality


4.25X7 200 pg / pocket paper
Those of you who remember The Reality of Man compilation will appreciate this in-depth look at the Bahá'í teachings on spiritual subjects -... More

Proofs of Bahá'u'lláh's Mission


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4.25X7 230 pg / pocket paper
A Proofs-based approach using the Bahá'í Writings to establish the criteria and demonstrate the proofs of Baha'u'llah's claim. This... More

Bahai Prayers


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This is the most recent edition of the general prayer book published by the Baha'i Publishing Trust. It uses "Bible paper" to make them slimmer and easier... More

Divine Art of Living

CODE: BK-1807

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8.8 x 5.7, 187 pages / Softcover
This collection of gems from the Baha'i writings is a much-loved classic that has been familiar to generations of Baha'is for over 60 years. Now... More

Fire and Gold

CODE: BK-6078

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5 x 8 3/4, 368 pages / Softcover
This is currently out of print . Might I suggest, instead, Why Me? - A Spiritual Guide to Growing Through Tests. It addresses the same issue of dealing... More

We are with you at all times . . . .

CODE: BK-6077

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Recognizing the Eternal Presence, Sovereignty & All-Knowingness of God Consciousness of the eternal presence of God – that He is with us at all... More

Remaining Faithful


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5.5x8.5" 144pg / 978-1888547-50-4 / 1st

This is a book created to help people who are struggling to remain faithful to their primary relationship.  It includes meditations from the Baha'i Sacred Writings, and Reflections comments and questions by the author, Phyllis K. Peterson.

One Reality: Harmony of Science & Religion

CODE: BK-1866

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5x8" 212 pg

A Compilation

Of all of the basic Baha’i principles, the Harmony of Science and Religion is probably the least understood – not only by the world at large, but by Baha’is themselves.  That makes this book one of the most valuable published in recent years.