Race Issues

Some of these are more directly related to race issues than others, but they all include some element of exploring racism.

Alain Locke

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6 x 9, 302 pgs
The most famous Baha'i you've probably never heard of - but lots of other people have!  If you are interested in understanding how the Baha'i teachings... More

Wisdom for the Soul of Black Folk


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Get ready to be inspired! People of every race, religion and background will find hours of inspiration, insight and life-altering wisdom in this beautifully... More


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6 x 9, 230 pages
Overcoming racism, respiritualizing society, establishing the unity of all people and creating true civilization is the last war. To fight it, we need to... More

Compassionate Woman

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6x9 226pg
Compassionate Woman  is the biography of a woman of Lakota and Chippewa heritage who was the winner of a MacArthur Foundation fellowship in 1991 for... More

Longing: Stories of Racial Healing

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6 x 9, 360 pages
A white couple's personal account of a ten-year journey that forced them to reconsider their comfortable notions about race as they forged new relationships... More

Waiting for the Sunrise

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6x9 386 pg
This is a personal account of an interracial family's struggle against pervasive racism in the U.S. and the horrors of the civil war that plagued Rwanda in... More

Violet and the Garden

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6 x 8, 32 pages
This is the classic story of a simple violet in a garden of snobby flowers who finally learn that it is their variety that makes the garden so special.... More

Toward Oneness


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6 x9
A compilation on Racial and Cultural Issues 6 x 9", 70 pages

Anvil of the Spirit


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A book on how to energize your community that is written in the form of a novel.  Deepening has never been easier, and community life has never been more fun.