Christianity, Buddhism,Hinduism

Baha'i Books on Christianity, Buddhism & Hinduism. Books on Islam are in their own category. For introductory Baha'i books that are appropriate for Christians, see Introductions for Christians.  For books about how to talk to Christians about the Baha'i Faith, see Teaching the Faith.

What Buddhists Believe

CODE: BK-5417

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5" x 8", 216 pages / Soft Cover
Based on interviews with Buddhists living in the West and the East, this is an innovative introduction to a fascinating religion. As well as giving an... More

Short Intro to Old Testament Prophets

CODE: BK-5201

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6x9 202 pg / Soft Cover
A Short Introduction to the Old Testament Prophets introduces all the great prophets, including Isaiah, Ezekiel and Jeremiah, their lives and times, and... More

The Practice of the Presence of God

CODE: BK-5205

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5x8 79 pg / Soft Cover
Brother Lawrence (1611-1691) was a humble man who laid no claim to special gifts. He had been a soldier and footman, but at the age of fifty-five he joined... More

Jesus and Early Christianity in the Gospels

CODE: BK-6081

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5.5 x 8.25 / Soft Cover
The Bible has fascinated generations of people, both the religious and those who are merely curious. Here is an invitation to participate in a dialog on the... More

Wisdom of Zen

CODE: BK-5414

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6x6 223 pg / Hard Cover
With its emphasis on living life, rather than simply talking about it, Zen is full of practical wisdom, a distillation of which is found within these pages.... More

Wisdom of Hinduism

CODE: BK-5411

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6x6 223 pg / Hard Cover
In this unique introduction to the literature of the Hindu tradition, Klaus K. Kolstermaier presents the rich diversity of writings with a characteristic... More

Wisdom of Judaism

CODE: BK-5405

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6x6 223 pg / Hard Cover
For nearly four thousand years the wisdom of Judaism has supported its people through exile and suffering, good times and bad. Founded on the universal... More

Essays on Hinduism

CODE: BK-8001

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6x9 198 pg / Soft Cover

Apocalypse Secrets

CODE: BK-1109

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5.5x8.5" 380pp / paperback
More are on the way! In a world in which "The End of the World" is predicted almost weekly, it would be nice to have a rational, Baha'i perspective on... More