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The Secret of Emotions Kindle Edition


e-book / 978-1888547-51-1 / Kindle

If following your heart has repeatedly gotten you into trouble, but to follow your head feels like a kind of soul-death, then this book will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you. It will teach your head how to understand the language of your heart, and teach your heart how to speak the language of God by explaining the connection between our emotional sensations and the Divine virtues that we long for.

4 Tools of Emotional Healing Kindle Edition


e-book / 978-1888547-52-8 / softcover

Though they are not quite the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the painful emotions of shame, anger, loneliness and fear have destroyed countless lives. This book explains how the qualities of honesty, forgiveness, compassion and faith can ease the pain of these negative emotions by filling the empty spaces they represent.  

Human Rights in an Advancing Civilization

CODE: BK-66164

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5 1/2 x 8.5 400 pgs / Softcover

What do human rights mean today? How we have arrived here? And where are human rights going? Aaron Emmel answers these questions based on his years of experience as a human rights advisor.

Love, Lust and the Longing for God SET


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6x9, 196 pages / 978-1888547-53-? / softcover

All three book in the series at a special sale price - a limited time offer.

Longing for Love Kindle Ed.


5.5x8.5, 112 pages / 978-1888547-53-7 / softcover

An Unconventional Relationship Guide

How to Recognize and Nurture Healthy Relationships When Your Heart Keeps Leading You Astray

Book 3 in the Love, Lust and the Longing for God series will help you train your heart to be attracted to people who will nurture your soul.


The Bahai Faith - Vickers

CODE: BK-1111

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6 x 8", 64 pages / Softcover

Here is a low-cost full-color introduction to the Baha'i Faith suitable for children, youth and adults.  It starts by introducing two Baha'i children, and then goes on to tell about their family and their beliefs.  Though originally written as an introduction for children, it has been very popular with anyone who wants a basic overview of the principles and teachings in an easy-to-understand format with lots of pictures.

Love, Lust and the Longing for God - KINDLE


978-1888547-53-? / Kindle

Kindle Edition of all three books in the Longing series in one volume, including The Secret of Emotions, 4 Tools of Emotional Healing and Longing for Love.  As one reviewer put it, this life-changing book will "stun and amaze."


Secret of Divine Civilization blue paperback


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6.9 x 4.2, 184 pages / pocket paper
This is a Must Read for anyone interested in the social, economic and political issues of the day.  Here you will find Abdu'l-Baha's plan for... More

Snow Fence Road

CODE: BK-551107

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158pg 5x8" / 978-1-934912-54-6

Fiction written by Baha'is has a special spirit about it.  This inspirational romance by Phyllis Edgerly Ring, author of Life at First Sight, is full of warmth and wisdom along with a cast of characters you will want to get to know better.

Create in Me a Pure Heart - Illumined Prayers

CODE: BK-3305

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7x7" 48 pg / saddle-stitched softcover

Here is a collection of 20 Baha'i prayers, beautifully illumined with a wide range of painted images by artist Corinne Randall.  From the title prayer to the Midnight prayer, this is a unique collection of short prayers that is appropriate for both older children and adults.  

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Seeking Intimacy in a Diverse Community

CODE: BK-6173

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5.5x8.5" 98pg / 978-085398-575-4 / 1st

Phyllis K. Peterson uses true stories to explain how the Bahá’í community is learning to develop true intimacy and unity through devotional meetings, reflection meetings and home visits and how it is learning to integrate not only the races but those who are outcast because of mental illness or physical disability


Ultimate Visions

CODE: BK-5112

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6x9288 pg / Soft Cover

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