Booklets for Teaching Bahai Faith

Longer than a pamphlet, but smaller than a book, these teaching booklets are just the right size - and the right price - to give to anyone who is casually interested in the Faith.  No matter who they are or what their interest, we have something for them.

Almost anyone will welcome A Gift of Prayers.  If they are interested in the Sacred Writings, then we have The Hidden Words and Why We Have Hope.  Want something really direct? Tell Me About Baha'u'llah.  Need something really subtle? The Secret of Happiness.  Other booklets address specific issues or audiences, including interfaith prayers, healing, poverty, and progressive revelation.  

Each of these booklets is nice enough to be appreciated as a gift, but not so long or expensive looking that people will be reluctant to accept it.  

International Customers: I can fit about 190 assorted 4x6 mini-books in a large flat-rate priority box for $45.00 to Canada or $65.00 to most other countries.  That's just over 30 cents a book, which makes them a great deal, even with shipping.

Comfort Booklet Assortment


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4 1/4 x 3 1/4"
Four unique pocket-sized booklets to comfort the hearts and minds of your friends In these difficult times, everyone is either facing trials or is close... More