Baha'i Birth Announcement


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New Bahá'ís have lots of family and friends who have never heard of the Bahai faith. Finding an appropriate way to announce the news to friendss can be difficult, and easing the fears of relatives can be even harder. When we are physically born, our parents do the honor of annoucing our arrival. But how does an adult share the news of his or her spiritual birth with friends and family--many of whom live far away? These announcement cards provide a quick, simple way to spread the good news, ease the fears, and provide opportunities for further dialog. Printed in metallic gold, blue and brown, these cards are designed to look like wedding announcements, with flowing script. The front says "God is Most Glorious". The inside has the Unity prayer and a brief annoucement that invites friends to call if they are curious or concerned. On the back is a list of principles designed to distinguish us from cults and fanatical religions. Be prepared. "Spiritual parents" need to give their "children" a prayer book and a stack of these cards on the day they declare. Shipped flat--you fold them yourself. Envelopes included.