Tote Bags

Tote Bags Supporting Bahai Faith

Tote Bags, are a fun way to make a statement (and lower your carbon footprint) when you don't want to wear a T-shirt.  You can carry one every day!  Add buttons to the straps and you have a guaranteed conversation starter.

Our family keeps a stack of them by the door because they always come in handy. If we are walking out the door with too much in our arms, we grab a bag and go!  You can carry children's class materials, Assembly folders, Conference packets, library books, teaching packets, snacks, baby toys... the list is endless.  With so many uses, they also make great gifts for friends of all ages and sizes - one size fits all!

Joyful Being Tote Bag


In Stock
14 x 15

A joyful tote bag that self-stores in a drawstring pouch with a clip for easy carrying.  Cheerful, versatile, and a great gift.

  • 1 for (+$9.00)
  • 6 for (+$45.00)

One Planet, One People...Tote Bags!


In Stock

Light-weight, Low-cost, Big, Bright, Book-Bags with a universal message of religious and global harmony, priced so that you can give them to everyone in your study circle, children's class, book club and extended family.    What more could you ask for? 

  • 1 for (+$7.50)
  • 5 asst (+$25.00)
One Planet Royal

Large Interfaith Tote


In Stock
6" x 13" x 12"
Our new printing of the large Interfaith Tote Bag is brighter than the original, so we reduced the price on the original while supplies last. Take your... More
  • New (ea) (+$12.00)
  • Original (ea) (+$10.00)
  • New pack of 6 (+$54.00)
  • Original pack of 6 (+$48.00)

World Citizen Wide-Top Tote Bag


In Stock
8X 12/20 X13
One of the easiest ways of going "green" is to bring your own bags to the grocery store. Our new Wide-Top World Citizen Tote is not quite as big as our old... More
  • Spring Green 
  • Navy Blue 
  • Purple 
  • Royal Blue 
  • 1 for (+$6.00)
  • 4 assorted colors (+$18.00)