Mini Prayer Cards


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Before Matthew Levine and I started making full-color mini-teaching cards, I was making mini-prayer cards.  They are less flashy than their full-color cousins, but that just makes them feel more intimate. 

They are not proclamation tools, they are prayers, and this assortment includes the kind of prayers and quotations that you will want to share when you are having intimate discussions with your friends about the things that are on their mind.  

Wherever you go, whomever you talk to, there will always be someone who needs a dose of the Creative Word. Sure, you can memorize all the really good quotations and drop them into conversations at the appropriate times, but it is still nice to be able to leave a person with something to take home with them. This is it. Twenty different prayers and quotations are printed on individual business cards in metallic gold and blue ink on heavy glossy paper. There is something for every occasion: Prayers for infants, husbands, travelers, the sick and the sad, guidance & blessings; quotations about prayer, the afterlife, work as worship, mercy, and more, plus two bonus cards with the basic principles. Carry them with you in a business card holder, drop one into a letter or bill, wrap a tip around one, or leave them in airport chapels, hospitals, or at literature displays. 

Each set contains 80 regular and 20 double-sized cards.

Best of all, they are so inexpensive, they might as well be free.

NOTE: The cards in this set are now ALSO available individually in sets of 50.  Look for them under the "Prayer Card" category in the list to the left.