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When Denali Knight Weiler set off on her year of service in Ecuador she packed a suitcase full of bikinis and tanning oil, only to find that she'd be spending the first six weeks in the Andean city of Otavalo, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and woolly alpacas - not a sandy beach in sight! Her dream vacation in the tropics was not to be.

But what she did was even better: she began a period of service to the Baha'i Faith that took her from Ecuador to Bolivia, the Native American Bahá'í Institute, Green Acre Bahá'í School and Swaziland. Now she has collected her insights into a practical, funny and inspirational handbook for everyone thinking about serving the Baha'i Faith away from home.

Wondering where to go? What to pack? Worried about being homesick? Or eating the food? Thinking you might not manage living with strangers? And how about, well, um, facilities? Scared of teaching children or junior youth?

Denali's down-to-earth handbook will help you to 'seize your moment, to make your mark on the destiny of humankind' and to have a truly fulfilling year of service.