Apocalypse Secrets

Apocalypse Secrets

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In a world in which "The End of the World" is predicted almost weekly, it would be nice to have a rational, Baha'i perspective on the Book of Revelation to help make sense of it all.

The author says: Seen through the kaleidoscope of a new Faith, new decoded prophecies in the Book of Revelation show how materialism and militarism led to the mess the world is in and  explain how the rise of spiritual economics will cure it. Indeed, these trying end times are really the magnificent beginning times of  a prosperous golden Millennium. The Faith's scriptures reveal that the Apocalypse vision of St. John is a fresh, informative, and pertinent history of these events, especially the crucial fall of the Babylon of Confusion of Malignant Materialism (Chapter 18) and the vital entry of spiritual economics (Chapter 19).

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