Anvil of the Spirit

Anvil of the Spirit


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A book on how to energize your community that is written in the form of a novel.  Deepening has never been easier, and community life has never been more fun.

When a good friend withdraws from the Bahá'í community because of perceived racism and hypocrisy, Sharon experiences a crisis of faith. Before she can resolve her doubts, however, the Crestview Community launches a mysterious contest: "For the next ten Feasts," the Chairperson announces, "community members are invited to vie with one another in submitting their best ideas for improving the Bahá'í community.: With a $5,000 scholarship to any Bahá'í School and a $5,000 donation to the Fund up for grabs, the Community comes alive with ideas for increasing love and unity, enlivening Feasts, organizing Firesides, reducing stress and conflict, improving listening skills, increasing trust, appreciation and humor, deepening our faith, and much more. Is this another case of "too little, too late", or will the contest help Sharon find what has been missing in her Bahá'í life?

An engaging plot with quirky but believable characters makes this novel a very enjoyable read in its own right. Add to this enough useful ideas to jump-start just about any Bahá'í Community and you have a "must-read" for anyone who has ever looked at his or her local Community and asked, "what am I doing here?"

This is Morris Taylor's third book in his popular series about improving the quality of Bahá'í Community life. The others are Helping Joe Strong, and The Seeker Interaction Model. This book is 6x9", 248 pages and paperback.

I liked it so much, I agreed to publish it!