Angels in the Architecture

Angels in the Architecture

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People often ask me about why there isn't more Baha'i fiction - well here is a new book, written by a Baha'i from New Zealand, to satisfy your craving for thought-provoking fiction.  Described as a Baha'i "Sophie's World" it combines history, philosophy, fantasy, magical realism and adventure. Here's what it's about:

Two autistic boys, each living in a different period of English history, connect with a reality unseen by those around them. All about them is chaos, as Christianity vies with Islam for control of Jerusalem in the late 12th century, and assassinations and mayhem unfold wildly through 1981.

Lincoln Cathedral is the setting for a thrilling story, alongside an exploration of what is real, what can be known, what is Faith, and is there really a God?

This fascinating journey weaves real historical figures and events with the ideas of possibility, of angels, and of saving the Western and Islamic worlds from their own violence and prejudice.

The Author, Sue Fitzmaurice, is well-known on FaceBook as the force behind "Trying God's Patience" - a series of profound quotations and images.  Sue sent me a case of books, and though some are a little travel worn, this is more than made up for by her loving signature on each one - something you can't get anywhere else on this side of the Pacific!

BTW: Can you name the song the title comes from?