Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom, Common Ground

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An Interfaith View of the Spiritual Journey We Call Life

This lovely interfaith compilation, organized by topic, would make a welcome gift for any spiritually-minded friend. It is sure to end up on many nightstands for evening meditations. It is also handy for interfaith devotional meetings, for comparative religious studies, and general inspiration.

It includes a significant selection of quotations from seven different religions (including a large number of Baha'i scripture), plus a smattering of additional writings from a variety of inspirational sources. It will teach the oneness of religion while it inspires.

It is beautifully formatted, with plenty of white space, large initial caps, and a gift-book feel.

Headings include:

The Essence of Man, Prayer, Purity of Heart, Tests and Difficulties, Different Paths-One Goal, and 20 others.