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Always - Interfaith Assurances That Our Loved Ones Will Be with Us Always


Price: $3.95

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  • 1 w/envelope (+$3.95)
  • 5 w/env & card (+$12.50)
  • 10 w/o env (+$20.00)
  • 25 w/env & card (+$50.00)
  • 50 w/o env (+$75.00)
  • 150 w/env & card (+$225.00)
  • 200 w/o (+$250.00)

This lovely gift book/sympathy card will comfort members of any and every religion.  Eight breathtaking images by artist Joe Paczkowski provide a tranquil backdrop for thirty-one short quotations from eight different major religions plus a dozen writers, poets and philosophers - all assuring us of the existence and beauty of the life to come.

This collection will uplift the hearts and assure the souls of anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one or contemplating their own journey into the next world.

Use this as a sympathy card with the optional envelopes, or order them as booklets without the envelopes to be given out in hospital chapels, funeral homes, literature tables and Baha'i Centers.

I could write volumes about the beauty and versatility of this collection of images and quotations, but a few minutes looking at the interior pages will tell you all that you need to know. Just click on the image to enlarge it, then move your curser to find the arrows on the right edge of the picture.

6x6" square, 16pg. on heavy matte paper. They are available with or without matching envelopes. 

When you order these with envelopes, you also automatically receive an equal number of matching calling cards that say "In Memory of ___ From___" on the back.  These are also available separately as MTC-AL.  Scroll through the pictures to see what these look like.

Note: In the USA, the weight and square shape means that they require a "non-machinable" postage surcharge when mailing. Here is a lovely stamp you can use. (Link may not work once stamp is gone)

Our Memory Medallion, without the photo of Abdu'l-Baha, makes a nice companion gift for those seeking a physical reminder of the constant presence of their loved ones.