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  • First Four Pages
  • O for Optimism
  • Pages E through H

ABC STARS - A Virtues Coloring Book


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This coloring book works on so many different levels.

First of all, it is a fun coloring book with pretty star patterns that children (and adults) of all ages will enjoy coloring while developing their hand/eye coordination.

Second, those pretty stars are made out of letters, so it teaches the alphabet AND character recognition in different fonts and at different angles. 

Third, it teaches virtues. The 26 virtues included are also on our Alphabet Virtues Refrigerator Magnets and our Building Character from A to Z posters, and 15 of them are on our Character Growth Chart. This gives you four ways to teach the language of virtues and explain their meaning and importance.

Fourth, it includes appropriate quotations about the virtues from the Baha'i Writings. There was no room for quotations on the magnets or posters, so by adding the coloring book, we have created an opportunity for children to memorize short and inspiring quotations about the meaning and importance of these divine qualities.

Fifth, while this is NOT a piece of Baha'i literature, as it does not talk directly about the Baha'i Faith or the Baha'i Community, the quotations are a sweet and non-threatening way to introduce the NAME Baha'i to children and their parents. 

And Finally, it is priced low enough for you to give away at fairs and festivals as well as children's classes, helping you introduce the name Baha'i to hundreds, and deepen the faith of dozens of children.

Because each page stimulates so many different skills at so many developmental levels, this is a coloring book you can give to children of all ages, and each time they return to it, they will experience it on a deeper level.

24 pages self-cover, 8x10.75" printed on newsprint paper. It is 50% longer than our previous "Unity" coloring book, which is now out of stock.