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ABC Character Building Blocks


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This set of Character Building Blocks does just that – builds character by exposing children to the names of 64 different virtues – or character strengths – that they carry within themselves. Teaching children the vocabulary of virtues at a young age empowers their emotional intelligence by giving them the words they need to identify their feelings. Being able to name virtues and the feelings that are associated with them helps children learn to express their feelings in healthy and appropriate ways.

Plus, they are a lot of fun.

Set includes twenty-four  3cm (1.2″)  natural wooden blocks with 6 sides each. This gives us 144 faces, and 144 educational opportunities. In addition to 64 different virtues  (some repeated more than once), there are some special blocks and some special sub-sets of blocks that increase the set’s versatility.

If you really want to spark your child's creativity at the same time as you teach them virtues, consider our larger Deluxe Character Building Block set with 145 assorted building block in a variety of colors, shape and sizes. It include all 24 of these blocks plus 121 more.