Abby Wize: Awa

Abby Wize: Awa

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Abby Wize loves horses. Riding is her only adolescent escape from an overbearing mother. She doesn’t realize she’s been learning unsafe horse-handling until a runaway horse catapults her into a tree…and into a future of special people and animals she never could've imagined. It quickly feels more like home than the world she came from, and she begins trading her insecurity and discontent for confidence and faith.

Abby Wize: Awa- (pronounced "away") is a spiritually oriented, young adult, timeslip novel. Abby is a 13-year-old horse-lover who is thrown into a future where world peace is more than a dream. It will appeal to readers interested in the Baha'i Faith, horse whispering, and adolescent adventures. Advanced junior youth through adults will be able to relate to this first installment in a series following young Abby through her adventures through time and life.

Author Lisa Bradley, Baha'i for more than 30 years, says, "My purpose for writing it is to energize and confirm the Baha'is and attract and befriend our non-Baha'i acquaintances. My direct inspiration was the Harry Potter books, which I love; as I read them repeatedly, I just kept wishing that Harry was a Baha'i and the magic was the spiritual type!" Ms. Bradley has also included charts and instructions to make "No Hate" and "World Peace" badges in counted cross-stitch (or your choice of mediums and uses). Although she lives in Hawaii, she hopes to travel to lead mind-widening discussions with advanced junior youth through adults on topics such as the Golden Age, present struggles, and why bother being a Baha'i. Reach her at AbbyWizeBooks@juno.com . Facebook: Abby Wize. Continue the enjoyment with a discussion board at http://groups.google.com/group/abby-wize-books.