Special Ideas Flashlight Keyring
  • Special Ideas Flashlight Keyring

A Free Special Ideas Flashlight


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In honor of our 30th year in business, this Flashlight Keyring is FREE with any purchase of $50.00 or more. Put it in your shopping cart now!  

This blue heart-shaped flashlight says: Special Ideas - Lighting the world since 1981. 

You will love this charming keyring flashlight.  It is small yet powerful, with a single brilliant LED at the tip of the heart.  It will help you find your way to your car at night, or find a keyhole in the dark.  It is bright enough to read by, and the transparent outer edge glows to help you be more visible when you walk in the dark. I carry a flashlight everywhere I go - in my pocket, clipped to my beltloop or on my keyring.  I use it almost every day.  

Try this one for free, and if you like it, then come back and buy our red ones that say "The Baha'i Faith - lighting the world one heart at a time." (Stock # LT-1) They cost so little you will think they are free, and they make a give-away that people will remember and use for months to come.  

Heart is 1.75x2"