Postcard Booklet Set


Price: $7.50

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  • 3 booklets=18 cards for (+$7.50)
  • 15 booklets=90 cards for (+$15.00)

Not sure which postcard booklet you need?  Try one of each for a special low price.  That's 18 unique 4x6" cards in three fold-out strips that can be cut apart or glued together to make a single full-color board book.  You get THREE strips of SIX cards (that's 18 cards) for only $5.50 . 

Save even more when you buy five of each.

Click on the descriptions of the individual booklets below to see all 18 images.

Note: Karen says that the biggest problem with these new postcard booklets is that people don't understand why they are so inexpensive.  They think they must be $6 per booklet, not $6 for a set of five.  So let me explain:  Someone asked me to create a prayerbook that they could afford to give away freely to children - not $5 each or even $3 each, but around $1 each.  So that was my mission - to design something I could sell for under a dollar.  I worked backwards from there, exploring every format and paper choice I could imagine, until I hit upon this unique format and found a printer willing to produce it.  Now, when you buy 25 booklets, they cost only 80 cents each.

I would much rather see prayers in the hands of 5,000 children and make $1 each than to make prayer books for 500 kids and make $10 each.  It's just the way I do things.  I hope you approve.