9-Pointed Star Craft Clips - both sizes
  • 9-Pointed Star Craft Clips - both sizes
  • Large Paper Clip
  • Large as earring
  • Small colors
  • All colors both sizes

9-Pointed Star Craft Clips


Price: $5.00

In Stock
  • 24 small 8-color (+$5.00)
  • 24 large 6-color (+$6.00)
  • 120 small 8-color (+$22.50)
  • 120 large 6-color (+$25.00)

Now in TWO SIZES! What Fun! These colorful wire stars are great conversation pieces. They can be used as paper clips to attach teaching cards to books and pamphlets, and to hold Assembly minutes together, but with a little imagination, they can do so much more. Wear them as ear rings, hang them as decorations, make a mobile, glue them to crafts projects and picture frames, clip them to your purse strap and cell phone, use them to emboss paper or clay, use as game tokens or bookmarks – the possibilities are endless. The low cost and bright colors will bring out the kid in anyone.

NEW! TWO sizes and More Colors!

The ORIGINAL 1.5" size comes with four each of  SIX colors - red, blue, black, metallic gold,  white and green. They are better for using as actual paper clips.

The NEW 1.2" size comes with three each of EIGHT color - all the above plus Hot Pink and Lilac. These are more fun for crafts activities and cost a little less. 

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