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9 Pointed Star Charm


Price: $3.95

In Stock
  • 1 silver (+$3.95)
  • 1 gold & red (+$3.95)
  • 1 gold (+$3.95)
  • 1 silver & blue (+$3.95)
  • 1 gold & blue (+$3.95)
  • 15 assorted (+$35.00)

Small, elegant and subtle, these 11 mm charms can hang from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and prayer beads. Five finishes: gold plate, gold and blue, gold and red, silver plate, silver plate with blue soft enamel. $3.95 each, or buy fifteen assorted for $35 and design exotic jewelry and crafts. Pictured here is the Gold-plated with blue enamel.  Click on the picture to see photos of all five charms, PLUS pictures of jewelry ideas you can make by combining multiple charms (pictured samples are not for sale).  The possibilities are endless.  

These match our new Star Lapel Pin, which can be used as a tie tack, giving you all sorts of interesting unisex gift combinations.

All Charms now include the bail for hanging from a chain.  

If you create something beautiful from these, we would love to see pictures, and may post them with your permission.  If you are interested in getting symbols of other religions made as charms, let us know.

Note: Our gold plate with rich RED soft enamel is currently out of stock.