9 Equality Reasons Pamphlet

Equality of Men & Women Pamphlet


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9 Things Men Gain and 9 Ways Men Can Work for the Equality of Women

No man wants to feel pressured into doing something that appears to be against his own self-interest. If the struggle for equality is perceived as a "win/lose" battle, then men will naturally prefer that women lose.

This pamphlet offers a win/win perspective that encourages men to take an active part in the advancement of women. Side one shows how men can gain self-esteem, power, wealth, healthier relationships and more, through equal partnerships with women. Side two offers nine ways individual men can work to establish equality at home and in the workplace. Newly redesigned in full color, the ideas it offers are presented with beauty, dignity and warmth. I suspect that 80% of these will be taken by women to be given to their "significant others."

If you would like to read the entire text, you can do so at my blog.  Side one is here. Side two is here

By Justice St Rain, author of My Baha'i Faith,  Falling Into Grace and Why Me? - A Spiritual Guide to Growing Through Tests.