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52 Virtue Character Coins


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This set of 52 wooden Character Coins will help you focus on the virtues you want to develop in yourself and in your children. Choose one a week to meditate on, and carry it with you all day. Or use them as gifts at Holy Day celbrations, or as rewards for for children for practicing positive qualities. Pull two out of the drawstring bag they come in, and meditate on the relationship between them. Think of a challenge you are facing, pull one from the bag, and meditate on how it might help solve your problem.  Look up their meaning on the accompanying list of definitions, or research them yourself — online, in the Writings, or in your own heart.

The virtues are presented on the coins as affirmations, similar to the ones in our popular Virtues Affirmation Coloring Books. For example, instead of just saying "kind," the coin has a round design with the words "I feel kind because I am kind" around the edge. This reinforces the understanding that the virtues we experience make us feel better about ourselves, and that emotions and virtues are related. 

The virtues are divided into four loose categories that are color-coded. This gives you greater insight into the different ways we apply virtues, and also allows the coins to be used to separate gatherings of people into smaller groupings.

The 1.5" round wooden coins are the same size as our popular Healing Prayer wooden coins. They are comfortable to carry and feel good in your hand. Because you can carry them with you in your pocket every day wherever you go, I think they will be even more powerful reminders of the meaning and importance of virtues than the paper virtues cards that are so popular. 

Here are the virtues included by category:

How we act in relation to others

Confident Connected Cooperative Dependable Empowered Generous Helpful Honest Playful Principled Responsible Trustworthy Tactful

How We Think

Creative Curious Expressive Fair-minded Intuitive Perceptive Resilient Sincere Wise Decisive Organized Brave Independent 

How We Feel about Ourselves and the World

Beautiful Blessed Hopeful Inspired Joyful Lovable Mindful Open Serene Worthy Self-Aware Atrong Secure 

How We Feel towards Others

Compassionate Forgiving Friendly Kind Loving Loyal Nurturing Optimistic Patient Peaceful Thoughtful Thankful Reverent