Greatest Name/Ringstone Symbol 2-Sided Gold-plated Pendant

Greatest Name/Ringstone Symbol 2-Sided Gold-plated Pendant


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Greatest Name/Ringstone Symbol 2-Sided Gold-plated Pendant

This subtle charm is sure to become a favorite because it presents two sacred Bahá'í symbols* in one affordable 5/8x1/2in pendant. Instead of a distracting jump-ring, the reversible bail is incorporated into the elegant design. Also available in sterling silver plating. It’s a beautiful and educational gift for new Bahá'ís.

The symbol of the Greatest Name is a calligraphic rendition of an Arabic invocation "Yá Bahá'ul 'Abhá" ("O Glory of the Most Glorious!")which is derived from the name Baha'u'llah - The Glory of God. It was original done by the eminent early Bahá'í calligrapher Mishkin Qalam, and is used in the dome of the Wilmette House of Worship and elsewhere.

The Ringstone symbol was designed by Abdu'l-Baha. It incorporates the Arabic letters for the word Baha (Glory), as well as depicting humanity's relationship to God. The top line of the design represents God, the Unknowable Essence. The middle line and two stars represent the Manifestations of God, and the bottom line represents humanity. The vertical line represents the Holy Spirit that connects all three.